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Sunday, March 15, 2015


A brief summary of the owners and uses of the "Luno" buildings on Lougheed Highway. Still looking for pictures of "Jean's Cafe" or the "Hoofbeat Coral. 
Corrections or additions are always welcome 
  • 1926  Marshall J, Luno, confectionary and service station  on River Road
  • 1930  Buildings moved to Lougheed Highway
  • 1939  Marshall Luno died. 
  • 1940 – 1943  Edith Luno. M.J. Luno’s widow continued with the confectionary only.  
  • 1944  Hughes Confectionary
  • 1945  Herbert Hughes General Store
  • 1946  Store bought by Alton and Louse Canfield née Barager
  • 1951  Sold to E.B. McLean
  • 1953  Bought back by Louise (now married to William Gullason)
  • 1956   Old store demolished and new store built; the little shop at the corner of Lougheed and Wharf road was rented to Luno Jr. for his radio repair work
  • 1961  Store sold to Ed and Elizabeth Clarke. 
  • 1963   Store sold back to William and Louise (Gullasson). 
  • 1967  Store sold to Alf and Muriel Crosby: “Jean’s Cafe”
  • ????   Sold to Bruce Elder who named it " Hoofbeat Corral”.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Whonnock Notes out !

Whonnock Notes No. 21, “George Stanley Godwin, 1889 – 1974, Biographical Notes” is now available on this Web site, ready to download or read.  Click here.
For printed copies at $5.00 talk to Sue or Teresa at the post office. Printed copies of all 20 earlier issues are still for sale. 
The publication immediately caught the attention of BC BookLook, the Internet companion to BC BookWorldClick here to read their comments. 

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